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we do

Talent Management

‣ Akani‘s core business is the global management and representation of its clients
‣ Clients include international sport stars, actors, artists, musicians, celebrities and brands from the show and entertainment world
‣ Akani supports and nourishes talents of every step trough its progression
‣ Professional hands-on approach, transparent and best practice

Global Distribution

‣ Strong relationships to media outlets around the world
‣ Distribution via all relevant channels, i.e. TV, Audio, Digital and Social Media, Press, PR and Events
‣ Development of comprehensive and dedicated media strategies
‣ Audiovisual branding

Event- and Media Production

‣ Akani has more than 20 years experience in the creation and development of sport events
‣ Huge know-how in artist and music management
‣ In-house production unit for audiovisual media
‣ In-house social media division

Marketing and Sales

‣ Dedicated global marketing team
‣ Creation, packaging and sales of comprehensive sponsorship inventory
‣ Long term relationships to international key brands
‣ Legal, contractual and financial services